Towards a Fuller Life in the Holy Spirit

Charles Whitehead writes from the conviction that the Holy Spirit is the church's best kept secret. In this book Charles encourages us to take a fresh look at the person and the promise of the Holy Spirit as revealed in the scriptures and through 2000 years of church teaching and history. It is presented as a resource for small group study as well as for personal instruction and encouragement.This book is genuinely ecumenical, rooted in the scriptures and in the teachings of St. Paul on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, it is filled with the wisdom of years spent living and teaching on the life of the Holy Spirit. The reader will find that everything is written in a clear,concise and accurate way.

Guided by God

Guided by God by Fr. Pat Collins ( imprimatur Most Reverend Peter Doyle, Bishop of Northampton ) is 300 pages of reliable guidance for anyone who wants to learn to listen to God speak in their heart. Using practical examples, we read how a person can receive divine guidance in normal ways and also in extra ordinary charismatic ways and how to discern their authenticity. In these pages the reader will find real treasure in both the testimonies from life and the knowledge and spiritual insight Fr. Pat shares with his readers.This book is informed throughout by the conviction that fidelity to divine guidance is the key to personal holiness and to the revival and renewal of the church. Full of fascinating quotations and references, this is a book to come back to again and again.

Yoga Tai Chi Reiki A Guide for Christians

This book by Brother Max Sculley DLS needs to be widely circulated among teachers, clergy and religious. This definitive critique of these practices comes with a timely warning that despite the surface appeal for helping fitness and relaxation and health, they are linked to Eastern philosophies that are incompatible with Christianity. "These practices and techniques cannot be viewed as only being of benefit at the physical and emotional levels.Of their very nature they draw a person into the spiritual realm. The techniques rely not only on physical movement, but engage a person in entering into an altered state of consciousness.Their powers derive from engagement with the spiritual world. Persons utilising the practices will be invited to engage their minds with the techniques in order for them to have any real benefit. This is where the danger lies." ( Bishop Julian Porteous ) from the foreword.

The Boy Who Met Jesus, By Immaculee Ilibagiza with Steve Erwin

If I had to answer the question, which book other than the bible I would recommend everyone to read, it would definitely be this one. The words of this book without doubt, will touch the deepest centre of the believer's faith.The agnostic and seeker will be challenged to rethink and examine their understanding, as the simple truth of these happenings shines brightly as the story unfolds.
It is very likely the reader will not be satisfied with just one reading but will want to turn again, to the life of Segatashya of Kibeho. and his encounter with the living Lord Jesus and his mission to the world.

Forming Intentional Disciples

This is a major work by Sherry Weddel it is the book for today's evangelist's and Catechist's and for anyone seeking to make new Disciples.

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