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Not only is Prophecy the most desirable of the gifts of the Spirit it is also the key to a proper understanding of the other charisms.  Prophets are people who receive spontaneous messages from God; either for themselves or for other people, or the wider community.  Rightly it has been said that when a prophet speaks, he or she remains silent.  Prophets throw a supernatural light on here and now issues and future events.  In this book Pat Collins describes what Prophecy is, motives for desiring and exercising it, and practical means of doing so by means of communal and contemplative prayer.  It recalls some prophetic messages of recent popes and contemporary visionaries, while dealing with subjects such as:


The fulfilment of messianic prophecy

Prophecy in church teaching

Prophetic words of knowledge

Prophetic intercession, ministry and leadership

Discerning true from false prophecy.


If you want to know in these troubled times, what on earth God is doing for Heaven's sake, you will find this book offers a tantalising glimpse into the providential purposes of God.


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